About TrafficTV

TrafficTV on your mobile is a map based traffic application that shows live traffic information overlaid with live CCTV camera images from the entire UK trunk and motorway network.

Award Winning

Winner of "Best Data Application", awarded 5 stars by What Mobile magazine and highly recommended by Auto Express magazine, TrafficTV is an award winning mobile solution to aid navigation.

TrafficTV allows you to view CCTV images from your mobile


TrafficTV brings together powerful information sources, providing high quality road congestion and map information users need, enabling them to view all the conditions and options ahead in terms of minutes delay or speed. Along with access to over 1500 CCTV camera images, TrafficTV is the nearest thing to traffic insurance! More...

Live on TrafficTV

  • What Mobile - invaluable in avoiding tailbacks
  • Auto Express - avoid jams just got easier

What our customers are saying about TrafficTV

Here's what our customers think of our award winning software

"You can't avoid all the jams but just knowing how long the queue will last can lower stress levels. It uses a road side camera system to monitor the traffic flow every 2 miles but has the added benefit of tracking your position so you can see where you are in relation to the queue. If you drive regularly on major roads you need this app more than you need a sat nav!"

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