How does TrafficTV work?

TrafficTV on your mobile is a map based traffic application service showing live traffic information overlaid with live CCTV camera images from the entire UK trunk and motorway network. It excludes Northern Ireland.

TrafficTV enables you to see exactly where the traffic delays are before you set off on your journey. As you connect to the TrafficTV service, the latest delays are received by your phone and flash on top of the detailed map. if you zoom in to an area of interest, you can see either how fast the traffic is moving or see how many minutes you will be delayed by above the usual journey time.

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TrafficTV running on iPhone

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TrafficTV iPhone screenshot

The arrow head indicates direction and centre of the affected road length. It's colour indicates the severity and enclosed number the average road speed (white background) or how many additional minutes to add to your journey time (black background).

TrafficTV iPhone screenshot

The arrow indicates the direction of traffic flow, the colour indicates the severity, the number represents how many incidents are overlaid and the road trail indicates the segment of the road that is affected.

TrafficTV iPhone screenshot

The intuitive menu integrated into TrafficTV allows you to access features quickly and easily. One such feature is the ability to review a list of incidents that may affect your journey.

TrafficTV iPhone screenshot

Shows a snapshot image from a CCTV camera, navigated to via the CCTV menu. CCTV cameras can be bookmarked for quick recall.


Live on TrafficTV

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