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A recent survey of our TrafficTV customer base suggests users save a minimum of 5 minutes for every hour driven, with some saving much more.

This may not seem much but as you can see from using our savings calculator, it adds up to days or even weeks over a year.

Example savings*

Cost Saving £1,061.67 Annual

Time Saving 43 ½ Hours Per Year

Example savings in detail

Total Journey Cost £245.00 Per Week
Total Journey Cost £24.50 Per Hour Driven
Total TrafficTV Cost £1.50 Per Week
Cost Saving £20.42 Per Week
Net Saving £18.92 Per Week
Cost Saving £1061.67 Annual

* based upon 1 vehicle travelling an average of 25 miles over a 5 day working week, and the owner earning £12 p/h.

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  • What Mobile - invaluable in avoiding tailbacks
  • Auto Express - avoid jams just got easier

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