Introducing TrafficTV v4.0

FREE upgrade to Version 4 of TrafficTV.

With the ever increasing price of fuel, avoiding traffic jams has never been more important.

Upgrade to Version 4 of TrafficTV today¹ and benefit from improved traffic coverage on more roads than ever before, speed cameras and an improved online members area.

Traffic Coverage

TrafficTV V4 now monitors more roads to help you avoid delays. We have also improved our map to help you navigate around any problems.

Speed Cameras

TrafficTV V4 now displays static speed camera locations with speed limits which are pinpointed on the new map. Combine this with GPS tracking and you have a convenient money saving tool in your hands.

Members Area

TrafficTV V4 has an improved online presence with the following features:

  • New map
  • Live traffic information
  • CCTV cameras
  • Speed cameras
  • Manage your license

'Upgrade to Traffic TV v4 for FREE and get the latest version of the greatest traffic app in the UK.'

mxData Direct customers

TrafficTV v4.0 is a free upgrade. You will shortly, if you have not already done so, receive a newsletter detailing what to do. Please check your inbox!

¹This upgrade is FREE to existing users and available to new users of TrafficTV.

Live on TrafficTV

  • What Mobile - invaluable in avoiding tailbacks
  • Auto Express - avoid jams just got easier

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"Very-Very Good, This is the best traffic information in the UK, Absulutly Brilliant ....... I'm 100% Satisfied, The Best. Well-Done TrafficTV !!!!!"

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