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Pocket sat-nav ups its game

AVOIDING jams just got easier with the release of the innovative TrafficTV. Designed for smartphone, BlackBerrys ands PDAs, the software shows delays across the UK.

Until now, drivers had to pick which parts of Britain they viewed. But the introduction of GPS receivers in phones means the display is able to shift to match the vehicle's progress.

We tested this latest version on BlackBerry - and the results were very impressive. Jams are shown by average speed or expected delay, and we never caught it out. While the 'congestion' icons are large, the roads are slender and tricky to see. But you soon get used to the display, and it's clear enough for you to pick a route round a hold-up. The GPS tracking also works well - although you need a cradle in the car to make it easy to refer to - and traffic info can be refreshed on demand or at regular intervals.

Equally impressive is the sofware's ability to show still images from CCTV cameras alongside a road - so you can see what the traffic is like ahead of you. For the £40 annual subscription, on top of what your service provider charges for downloading data, this is a good buy.

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