Frequently Asked Questions

Set out below are a common set of questions about TrafficTV. If you cannot find your question then please feel free to contact our support service.

When do I use the service?

At less than 10 pence a go as often as you want! Before setting off, or whenever you have a choice of routes, TrafficTV gives, at a glance, a simple to understand guide to exactly how any delays will impact on your journey. Perhaps if you hear an alert on the radio or see a sign beside the road - as only TrafficTV gives you the real picture you will be one step ahead! Try it yourself.  [Top]

Which mobile networks does TrafficTV work on?

TrafficTV is supported by all UK mobile networks. You will need GPRS enabled to connect, and if you have any problems our support team are always happy to help.  [Top]

Is the service on the Internet and the mobile?

Yes. All subscribers get access to the live information on the internet and on their mobile phone, which enables you to avoid those jams wherever you are.  [Top]

How much GPRS does TrafficTV use?

A full refresh for traffic information uses between 55kb - 75kb, depending on the current road conditions. The average size of a CCTV image is 36kb.

Blackberry & Android versions of TrafficTV may store up to 100mb in temporary map tile data.  [Top]

Does your service offer navigation?

No. We concentrate on supplying the most comprehensive Traffic information in the UK to you wherever you are. TrafficTV is an information planning tool allowing you to avoid the jams rather than sit in them.  [Top]

Can I use TrafficTV on my PC?

Yes, we have a member's area where you can login and view real time traffic maps, CCTV cameras and RAC traffic incident information.  [Top]

Where can I get the software?

Browse to on your handset and click on the link to install.  [Top]

I am an existing customer. How can I renew my subscription?

If you're an existing customer and would like to renew your subscription, please visit the purchase page and enter your existing serial number when asked.  [Top]

Live on TrafficTV

  • What Mobile - invaluable in avoiding tailbacks
  • Auto Express - avoid jams just got easier

What our customers are saying about TrafficTV

Here's what our customers think of our award winning software

"You can't avoid all the jams but just knowing how long the queue will last can lower stress levels. It uses a road side camera system to monitor the traffic flow every 2 miles but has the added benefit of tracking your position so you can see where you are in relation to the queue. If you drive regularly on major roads you need this app more than you need a sat nav!"

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