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Invaluable in avoiding tailbacks

5 stars

TrafficTV is a Java application that downloads real time traffic information from the nationwide network of roadside sensors, letting you pan across all of the major trunk roads and motorways to check for delays. If there are any (like the M25 is ever clear) they get flagged on the map with either the current speed, or an estimated delay.

An increasing number of police and transport CCTV camera images can be viewed, including video, to give you an idea of the current situation. It's not a good idea to play around with them whilst driving, but the ordinary map view will prove invaluable in helping you avoid tailbacks.

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TrafficTV is also featured in Mobile Business magazine.

'Stop The Traffic' - TrafficTV helps mobile junkies get out of a jam

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" Saved me plenty of time during the recent snowfall, use it to plan my routes everyday. "

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